As of now we are trying to incorporate a one-time only buying option on our website site ( so you can order one time and give us a try.  Hopefully this will be set up by the first of November.  But in the meantime, if you want to order a one-time only box or have a box shipped as a gift, you can still use our website to order.  We have many customers who orders our boxes as a gift.  We ship the box directly to whoever you want to send it to.  It is a simple process – you place an order as you normally would. Once you receive an email stating we have dispatched the box to you or your gift recipient, then you can then go in and cancel your subscription. It is a just a couple of clicks and we never ask any questions as to why you cancelled your subscription or bother you in any way. With the holidays coming up, our boxes make great gifts for anyone who loves spicy foods and snacks or just that “hard to buy for person”. Why not give a unique gift that is something they will really enjoy! We hand pack all of our boxes to make sure that they arrive damage free. We know you will love them, so please give us a try.


Open for Business

Well I finally got the website up!  YAY!  I still need to do some tweaking here and there, but at least I can take orders  –  if I get any??  Adding pictures was not any easy thing especially for someone like me who is not that computer savvy so I still got to work on that!  And speaking of pictures… the ones on my website are just examples of what kinds of things we will be selling.  If anyone knows of a good product that they think would be perfect for the monthly boxes, shoot me an email at  I am definitely open to any and all suggestions.  If anyone actually happens to read this – get your friends to go check out my site at and go like our Facebook pages and Twitter pages too!  PLEASE!  would really appreciate it.  So I guess today is officially the first day we are up and running!  Now go enjoy some chips and salsa people!